Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

Super Bowl XLVI – New England Patriots vs New York Giants – Sunday 6:29 ET (NBC)- Yup, it’s that time of year again. The Super Bowl is coming your way this Sunday and that means it’s time for me to make my predictions. This game certainly bring comes with a de ja vu. It wasn’t all that long ago when the Patriots and Giants were playing in the Super Bowl. In fact, that was just in 2008. Remember the season where the Patriots had an undefeated season and were just one win away from becoming enshrined forever in the NFL history books by completing the second undefeated season in NFL history? Yeah, Eli and company had some other ideas and thus pulled off what will probably be known as the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. The Patriots haven’t been back to the Super Bowl since then and now they will be hungry for revenge on the Giants after the Giants spoiled their miraculous season. Seeing the Giants here in this game is certainly a surprise given the state of the NFC right now. We had the almost perfect Packers, the record setting Drew Brees and the Saints, the surprisingly dominate 49ers under new stud head coach Jim Harbaugh, the young and powerful Lions, and the inconsistent yet dangerous at times Falcons all in the hunt for the NFC title with the Giants, and yet the Giants make it out on top. The Giants, who come in to the playoffs at 9-7 while barely making it in thanks to Tony Choko and the Dallas Cowboys pretty much giving them the Division title. If I would’ve told you at the beginning of the playoffs that the New York Giants would make the Super Bowl, you would’ve called me crazy and called for my head. Heck, if you told me that the Giants would make the Super Bowl, I might’ve done the same thing to you. But nonetheless they are here and it’s quite the story. Meanwhile Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, and Alex Smith will be sitting at their homes watching the game from the couches and scratching their heads wondering what in the heck happened. And now if the Giants beat the Patriots, Eli Manning, who was always thought to be the younger and crappier Manning brother, will have bragging rights over his brother Peyton because he will have more Super Bowl wins under his belt. Meanwhile, the Patriots being in the playoffs doesn’t surprise me that much, but at the same time it is a little baffling being that they have one of the league’s worst defenses. Defense is supposed to win championships and yet a team with no defense just might do it this year. But that is really because of a terrible AFC this season. The Pats competition included the up and down Ravens, the injury riddled and inexperienced Texans, the Tim Tebow led Broncos, the beaten up Steelers, and the snake-bitten franchise the Bengals. Yeah it’s not surprising at all that the Pats made it out on top. At 13-3 you would think that I would give them more respect than I have, but did you know that their last playoff win against the Ravens was their first win of the entire season against a team that ended with a winning record? Someone on that team better be praying to the scheduling gods and thanking them for that one. And now Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady are just one win away from earning yet another Super Bowl ring. And Tom Brady has his young tight ends to thank for that one. Can you believe that the Gronk is only in is second NFL season and yet he is already setting Tight End records with the most touchdowns and receiving yards ever in a single season for tight ends? Amazing. Yet, unfortunately for Tom and the rest of the Pats, he might not be able to go as a high ankle sprain has been bothering him for the last couple weeks since that Ravens game. And if he does go, he won’t be at full strength and the Giants will be aiming for his ankle to test it. Not a good omen for the Patriots. But yet despite that, I think that logic says that the Patriots will win. Which is why I am going with the Giants on this one. They have defied logic this whole post season. I picked them to beat the Packers. I picked them to beat the Niners. Why would I stop now? Should be a fun game to watch.
My Pick: New York Giants

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