Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Review

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is a movie that came out back in December that I skipped out on when it first came out. I elected to go see movies like Sherlock Holmes 2, War Horse, Tintin, and We Bought a Zoo instead. Some of those were good decisions while others weren't. But that's not the important part. What is is that Mission: Impossible recently came out in the dollar theater and on a quiet weekend with nothing to do, I decided to go check it out with a friend. It was well worth my dollar. So if you are like me and you decided not to spend the $8 on it, now is the time to go check it out.

Mission: Impossible is what it is. If you go out to see it, what you will expect is a high powered action movie with lots of crazy intense scenes. The story line is a lot like the other Mission: Impossible movies. Tom Cruize and company get called on to complete some crazy mission that seems, well, impossible. And through a series of crazy events, the mission is completed. The story line isn't overly genius and is quite predictable, but that isn't the point of the movie. The point is to take the audience on a crazy journey that  includes a lot of crazy action. And with that it succeeds. It was quite the thrill ride. The action was some of the greatest action that I've seen in quite a while. Saying that it is one of the best action films of 2011 isn't a stretch at all. And some of the scenes, like Tom Cruize hanging off the side of the glass skyscraper  were quite intense and memorable. And speaking of journey, the many different locations it took us to throughout the film did make it quite the journey to say the least.

As far as the acting goes, Tom Cruize and company does a good job I thought. We haven't seen Tom Cruize much on the big screen recently and I'm sure he rather enjoyed making this movie. Jeremy Renner and others as the supporting cast did a decent job. There was no acting job that stuck out to me as being bad or annoying, so that is a plus. Being a fan of Lost, I enjoyed the slight Lost connection. JJ Abrams was one of the producers of the movie. Josh Holloway made an appearance towards the beginning and did a stunning job with the ten minutes they decided to give him. And of course there is Michael Giacchino that did a great job with the music. Yes, there is a minor complaint there if you didn't catch it. I hoped that they would've used Josh Holloway more. He would've added a great dimension to the movie, but they missed out.

Other complaints I had. The story line didn't captivate me. No, its not the important part of the movie, but I still would've liked something more captivating. A great action movie with a great story line is hard to beat. Also I think it dragged on a bit, like they tried to do a bit too much. 20 to 30 minutes shorter would've been better in this instance. And to be quite honest, its been quite a while since I've seen the other three movies and I don't remember them very well, so maybe I'm not the best judge on this, but there was a lot of buzz that this was the best Mission yet. I don't see that. I remember enjoying some of the other ones a lot more, but this one was still fun.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Not the best Mission: Impossible and it wouldn't have made my list for top 10 movies of 2011, but it was fun. I give it a 7 out of 10 for entertaining me but not blowing me away.

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