Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Pirates! Band of Misfits Review

Hey, guess what? Avengers isn't the only movie in theaters right now! Yeah, I know. Shocker. After seeing the Avengers three times myself I finally remembered that I could see other movies and thus on a Thursday night when I was out with a friend, I went to see The Pirates! Band of Misfits. Apparently we were the only ones to realize that there were other movies in theaters because outside an elderly couple, we had the screen all to ourselves. I suppose that this tells the Box Office story of Pirates! rather well because after three and a half weeks in theaters it has only just cracked 20M which is quite a shame. I suppose that we can look at this as the movie's biggest weakness. The marketing/advertising wasn't big enough to get people interested and then decided to open it the week before Avengers wasn't the smoothest move. A late March or early April would've been much better.

But anywho, going away from the fail on release date and what not and on to the movie, the Pirates! was a movie that I actually rather enjoyed. It comes from Aardman Animation and is another claymation movie in the style of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. Like always, the claymation is done rather well. I was very impressed. The story was about a pirate who really had a strong desire to win the pirate of the year award and he goes through quite the adventure with his crew in order to try to win that honor. It's a fun story. Not an epic story line and not crazy or dramatic, but it was fun. It's the type of movie that I can see the younger crowd really loving. I was thinking of all my little nieces and nephews as I was watching it and thought that they would love it. One of the movies that a parent should buy for their younger kids to watch all the time. And at the same time it is one that the parents can enjoy, so calling it a movie that they whole family can enjoy is a great description. A huge factor in making it fun is the randomness in it. The part of the title that says band of misfits describes this very well. Its an odd crew that do and say a lot of weird things that catch you off guard but make you laugh at the same time. And throwing in Charles Darwin as on of the main characters that the crew runs into as well as mentioning or including others like Jane Austen and the Queen of England is quite hilarious.

I don't have a whole lot else to about this besides what I have already said, but in wrapping up I strongly recommend you give this movie a shot, especially if you are a parent with young children. Don't let your kids miss this movie because it will be one of their favorites that they will watch for years. It's not epic or completely amazing, but its worth your time and money. I give it a 7 out of 10. 

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