Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 NBA Playoff Predictions - Conference Finals

Western Conference

#2- San Antonio Spurs vs #5- Memphis Grizzlies

The sexy pick here is the Memphis Grizzlies and I can totally see them moving on to the NBA finals. They are a mean and dangerous team. What's more is that they may be one of the most complete teams. Many thought that when they traded Rudy Gay that they were just tanking and they had no chance, but they are here now because they just work great together and the Spurs should seriously be worried. But yet, even though I think that this is going to be a close series that could go either way, I am going to pick the Spurs to win this series. Yes, I hate the Spurs and would love to see them go down, but I have to be honest. Gregg Popovich I think is one of the best coaches in NBA history and certainly the best coach in the league right now. People have written this team off for several years now because they are getting too old, but Popovich just keeps them going and now there is a new, young Spurs team that is rising up that complements the big three very well. They swept the Lakers and in the end they slowed down a red-hot Warriors team and in what should be a nitty-gritty hard-fought series, I think they will come out on top and make it to the NBA finals once again.

Prediction: Spurs 4-2

Eastern Conference

#1- Miami Heat vs #3- Indiana Pacers

I made the statement towards the beginning of the playoffs that  it is my opinion that no team in the East can give much of a challenge to the Heat and I still think that is the case as the Pacers are the last team in the East to be standing besides the Heat. It's been nine years since the Pacers made it into the NBA finals and at that point, Reggie Miller was still on the team. After Miller retired following the '04-'05 season, the Pacers team tanked and for several years were buried in the basement of the NBA, but recently, they have quietly arisen back to power in the East. I say quietly because they are a team that no one talks about much but here they are. I think it would be fantastic if they knocked off the Heat, but sadly I don't think it will happen. If Dwayne Wade fails to stay healthy, the Pacers could make a series out of this, but even without Wade I think the LeBron, Bosh, and the rest of the Heat could still pull this off. I will make the prediction assuming that Wade will stay healthy and with that in mind I will say that this will actually be a fairly fast series.

Prediction: Heat 4-1

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