Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Legend of Hercules Review

Greek mythology has always been a popular subject in Hollywood. This year, Hollywood will have a minor fascination with the character of Hercules as there are two different Hercules movies coming out. I personally enjoy Greek mythology, and thus I usually welcome movies that explore the genre. I don't know a whole ton about Hercules outside the Disney portrayal, but I'm open to exploring the character more. Dwayne Johnson will get the chance to portray the character later this year, but for now it's Kellan Lutz' job.

How did the movie turn out? Oh my lanta! This movie was an astronomical disaster! Here we are starting off 2014, and on the first movie I watch, I may actually be hard pressed to end up with something this year that I dislike more. Perhaps I am jumping the gun on that statement, but this was bad. Let's start with the opening scene. Bad CGI has seemed to be a theme recently, but here we are again with a movie that had really lazy CGI. I mean, it was so bad that with the opening scenes the movie almost appeared as if it was an animated movie. That was a very weird sensation. Then there was the action in the movie. I don't know who it was that decided that slow motion battle scenes were a good idea, but it was really weird and distracting. And it happened the whole movie. Every time a character is about to attack, we get a slow motion shot for a few seconds. That made me turn my attention away from it being an animated movie and made me believe that I was watching someone play a video game. Yeah, I lost interest with this movie quite fast.

I haven't even touched on the story yet. It's about what you would expect from a Hercules movie, although the problem was that I wasn't really interested in the story at all. It was really boring. The characters? I latched onto no one. They could've all died in a massive nuclear attack and I wouldn't have been remorseful at all. In fact I would've been relieved that the movie was over. Our main two actors couldn't act at all. Kellan Lutz, as I have said, is Hercules. Gaia Weiss is Hercules' princess girlfriend. I am actually 100 percent positive that both were cast solely for their looks. That's all that they had going for them. Their poorly written characters didn't help much with their bad acting. In the movie, Hercules had a brother and that brother is whiny and annoying the whole time. The king is very good at growing every single time he talks. That was weird. Overall, this was just a complete failure.

I'm trying to decide if there is a type of people that would enjoy this movie. I was thinking that perhaps it is a movie that you would watch if you were in the mood to watch a bad movie with a bunch of friends so that you could just laugh at how bad it was. I don't actually think this movie would satisfy that. The only other thing I can think of is perhaps people who only care about eye candy and don't care about anything else like story, visuals, characters, etc. But yet if those type of people exist, I would think they would just go look up pictures of said actors on the internet, not tune in for this movie. I got nothing. Legend of Hercules gets a 4 out of 10 for me. Bad way to start off the year. I guess it can only get better from here, right?

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