Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 NBA Playoff Predictions - Conference Semifinals

#1- San Antonio Spurs vs #5- Los Angeles Clippers - I never thought I would be saying this, but the Clippers are a team on the rise and they'd be a team that I would love to pick to go to the Conference Finals. The problem is that they screwed themselves over by getting stuck in the five seed. As expected, the series between the Clippers and the Grizzlies was a dog fight that went down to game 7. Both Paul and Griffin got a little banged up in that series. Meanwhile, San Antonio is coming off a lengthy rest after making the Jazz look like a college team. Some might say that a week off would make the Spurs a bit rusty, but this is the playoff savvy Spurs we are talking about. Even if the Clippers did have a similar break, I'd say the Spurs walk away with this one, so the extra rest gives the Spurs a huge advantage against what could be a tired Clippers team. I'll be rooting for the Clippers because I have never liked the Spurs much, but if I'm being honest and realistic I think the Spurs will take care of business in this series. Prediction: Spurs 4-2

#2- Oklahoma City Thunder vs #3- Los Angeles Lakers - When's the last time we had two teams from Los Angeles in the Conference Semi's? Well, only once I suppose since the Clips are coming off their second career playoff series win. If I'm being quite honest, I think that a Lakers vs Clippers conference finals match-up would be quite epic. There's only one problem with that happening. Well, actually there are two. It's the Thunder and the Spurs. One of those teams may fall, but I doubt that both will. However, I digress. Thunder vs Lakers. I really despise the Lakers and really hope the Thunder win. In fact, I hope that it is an embarrassing 4-0 sweep, but something inside me says that there's no chance of that happening. The Lakers are going to be a hard team to push away and thus I think this will be a very intense series. However, I know that it is cliche right now to predict Spurs vs Thunder, but I am going to do it. The Thunder pull off a tight series win. Prediction: Thunder 4-3

#4- Boston Celtics vs #8- Philadelphia 76ers - Now the Eastern Conference cheated. I wanted to submit this post before the next round started, but the Celtics and Sixers played a game before the first round was over and the Celtics take game one by the skin of their teeth. Now the Bulls had played fine without Rose for many games of the season and so when he went down it was actually surprising to see the Bulls go down so hard. Doug Collins gets a lot of credit for the work he's done with this Sixers team. I think the Sixers will put up a good fight, as apparent by game one, but I think that the playoff experience by the Celtics will put them over the top in this series. Prediction: Celtics 4-1

#2- Miami Heat vs #3- Indiana Pacers - Once again, game one of this series was conveniently played before I could type this up due to the Clips and Grizzlies going to game 7. The Pacers I have thought this whole time could be the dark horse of the playoffs and they started very well by beating up a broken up Magic team. I really want to pick the Pacers in this one because I think that would be cool, but I really can't pick against the Heat right now. The Pacers silently had a great season this year, but I don't think they have enough to take out the Heat. I think they won't go down without a fight and will sneak out a game or two, but the Heat will be the team that makes it to the Conference Finals. This should be a great round of playoffs to watch! Prediction: Heat 4-2

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