Saturday, May 4, 2013

Iron Man 3 Review

 Five years ago, Iron Man took the world by storm as it was the beginning of the Avengers project that has now taken the popularity of the comic book movie to a new level. It was a risky project, but an extremely awarding one as The Avengers is now the third highest grossing movie ever. Because of this success, the Avengers movies are far from over. Avengers phase two is all planned out and phase three is being figured out. Iron Man 3 is the movie that kicks officially kicks off phase two and it is doing so with a huge bang as at the time of me typing this it is in the middle of one of the biggest opening weekends ever. Usually part three in a series isn't too popular when the second movie was poorly received, as was the case with Iron Man 2, but Iron Man 3 is bucking this trend because it is feeding off the huge success of The Avengers. I am very proud to say that I helped contribute to this success of Iron Man 3 because not only does it kick off phase two in a huge way financially, but it is also a really good movie that easily makes up for a poor Iron Man 2. In fact, I may even go as far to say that it is the best of the three.

What is happening in Iron Man world this time around? Well, it is post Avengers and Tony Stark is going through a lot mentally because of what happened in the Avengers. A combination of aliens, gods, wormholes, and really intense action has turned out to be too much for his brain to handle and he thus experiences extreme anxiety and PTSD type syndromes that leads to anxiety attacks and very little sleep. On top of that, the Mandarin is causing terror around the world and when Tony makes a pretty big mistake, the Mandarin comes and blows up his house. All this leads to a somewhat psychological movie that actually focuses a lot more on Tony Stark and all his issues he is dealing with as opposed to the usual focus of super hero fighting the super villain. Now of course we have our villain in this movie and there are plenty of action scenes where Iron Man fights him and those are really awesome, but the added depth to this movie really makes it quite fantastic.

I'm not going to give away spoilers in this, but there are several aspects to this movie that cause me to really like it and unfortunately I can't talk about them at all, so let me just put it this way. The movie is bold. Really bold. It does something that in many cases would cause fans to get angry and hate the movie. For a lot of people, especially fans of the Iron Man comics, this is actually what it has done. And to be honest, if people hate the movie for what they did, I can't blame them. But for me the boldness really worked out and the more I think about it, the more I really am impressed with how it turned out. It gave me a movie going experience that I don't have get that often. Moving on, I think even those who hated the twist should've been able to still like the movie because the final battle scene was just totally awesome. Once again, I can't say why, but you'll see when you watch it. What I can say about this movie is that Robert Downy Jr is just amazing. There is a reason why everyone loves Iron Man and he is the reason. In this movie, he definitely doesn't disappoint. A great supporting cast around him is also what makes this a successful franchise and such is the case again in this one. Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle are returning vets that do great once again while newcomers Ben Kingsley, Guy Pierce, Rebecca Hall, and Ty Simpkins are great as well.

Overall, Iron Man 3 is a fantastic movie. I didn't like Iron Man 2 that much, but I loved the first one and if I were to rank the three Iron Man movies, I would give Iron Man 3 the slight edge. It has great action, great comedy, is well acted, has a good story, is very bold, and very smart. Definitely a great way to start out the summer. I give Iron Man 3 a 9 out of 10.

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