Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now You See Me Review

This review may not be one of my longer reviews, but quantity doesn't equal quality, right? I really have a desire, like I always do, to write a review of this movie for those people who haven't seen it. As you will quickly learn, Now You See Me is a movie that I totally love. I saw it once on opening weekend, then again a few days later and it is a beautifully made movie and most of the reasons why it is such a beautiful movie are reasons that I can't say. Now I could do what I did with Iron Man 3 and write one normal review and then a second spoilers review, but quite honestly I don't want to do that because even though I label it as a spoilers review that is only for those who have already seen it, I don't even want to give the option to people who haven't seen it to get it spoiled. Sure, if they want it spoiled they can find places that will spoil it for them, but I won't be responsible. Part of the experience with this movie is going in to see it without knowing what happens and if you have it spoiled for you, that experience is ruined.

For those who have no idea what this movie is about but yet are reading this review, the extremely basic story line is that there is this group of magicians performing magic shows. As a part of this magic show, they pull of illegal tricks, like robbing a bank. This gets the FBI on their tail and thus is our story. There is a lot more to it than that, but that is all I am going to say. And I am only willing to say that because that is what is in the trailer and that premise was enough to get me on board. I love magic shows and a magic/heist movie sounded like tons of fun. The movie had quite the cast. The group of four magicians are played by Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Woody Harrelson (The Hunger Games), Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby), and Dave Franco (21 Jump Street). Those four have amazing chemistry. They are funny, entertaining, and just plain awesome to watch as they lead the magic shows and run away from the FBI. Speaking of FBI, our lead characters that we follow there are Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers), Melanie Laurent (Inglorious B******s), and Michael Kelly (Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior). Mark Ruffalo is the standout star of the group, but the other two are good as well. Then we have Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine in the movie in addition to all that. I'm not even going to tell you what their roles are, but they both do a great job like always.

Overall, like I mentioned earlier, I have a ton that I could say about this movie, but in order to preserve your experience, I won't even mention half of what I want to say. If you want to know more of what I think on a me and you level, then find a way to contact me and I will be happy to oblige. If there is anything that I have against the movie it is the language and sexual content. It's not overly bothersome or distracting for me, just a touch on the annoying side. I'll refer you to the content advisory section on Now You See Me's IMDb page if you want details. But like I said, I loved the movie and I would highly recommend that you go see it. It was even better the second time around, so I will also recommend that you see it twice. I will give it the momentary crown of best movie of 2013 (not counting Jurassic Park 3D because that is really a 1993 movie) and I will dare any movie that comes out to challenge that crown. 9.5 out of 10 is my grade for it.

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