Monday, July 28, 2014

The Fluffy Movie Review

"IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!!" Uhhhh.... no. Wrong Fluffy. Although that is a hilarious moment in one of the greatest animated movies, The Fluffy Movie has nothing to do with a giant stuffed unicorn at a theme park or anything of the sorts. Fluffy is the nickname of one of my personal favorite comedians, Gabriel Iglesias. While he has done comedy for a long time, The Fluffy Movie is his first attempt at a stand-up comedy movie. So yes, that's all this is. A stand-up comedy movie. As in Fluffy had one of his live shows recorded and had it thrown into theaters. Smart move if you think about it. That probably didn't cost much of anything and the result is a good chunk of money and increased publicity. Being that this is a stand-up comedy movie, this review will be a lot different in that I'm essentially reviewing a stand-up comedy routine and not a movie. It may not seem like there could be much said here, but I actually do have quite a bit to say because this was fantastic!

In reflecting on my favorite comedians, I have come up with a few aspects that make a good comedian. First and foremost, a good comedian has to make me laugh. And of course, the more I laugh the better. Second, the comedian's jokes should be memorable. If I totally forget about the jokes the next day, that's a problem. Third is creativity. One good joke or one good routine doesn't cut it. Neither does talking about the same subject over and over. Fourth, the best comedians are the ones who are naturally funny. It's easy to tell when a normally serious person is trying to force humor and it just doesn't work. Now obviously comedy is purely opinion based, just like movies, but in my opinion Gabriel Iglesias excels on all these fronts. Yes, he makes me laugh. A lot. That may seem like an obvious judgement, but there's actually a lot of comedians that I just don't find funny, so the fact that I am a huge fan of Iglesias should say a lot. In my opinion, the man is naturally funny. Comedy comes easy to him and thus he always has different things to talk about. Sure, he has reoccurring themes just like every comedian, but his routines are different enough and creative enough that it makes me look forward to his new stuff. And of course a lot of his stuff is memorable and usually very relatable.

Now that you know my general opinion of Fluffy, I of course want to talk about this specific routine. All I wanted from this was for him to make me laugh like he always does. I didn't need to walk out thinking that this was the best comedy routine ever or even that this was the best I've heard from Fluffy. I just wanted to laugh. However, I was surprised by how excellent this was. This wasn't just a typical Fluffly comedy routine, this was Fluffy at his best. I don't feel that he just woke up one day and decided to record his next comedy routine and put it in theaters. This one had a lot of thought put into it. He knew that this was going to be his Fluffy movie and he wanted to do something with it. He wanted to leave an impression. And that's what he did. How did he do it? He made it personal. He started by talking about some of his personal struggles. Recently he had a pretty bad scare where his doctor told him that if didn't make some changes, he'd only have two more years to live. Later on he talked about his wife, his son, and his parents in a very emotional way that was both touching and inspiring. The tribute in the end that ties into his final story is pretty awesome.

So in the end, I went into this just wanting to have a good time. I didn't expect perfection, I just wanted to laugh. And not only was I laughing hysterically the entire time, but I also felt touched and inspired in the end. This is truly the best of Fluffy. My recommendation here is simple and easy. If you like Fluffy, you are going to love this. If you aren't familiar with Fluffy, I would suggest familiarizing yourself with him the free and easy way before you spend the money for a movie. If you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime account, there's a good chance that you can find his well-known comedy routines there. If not, there's this beautiful website known as YouTube. Look him up. If you like what you see, go pay for The Fluffy Movie. It will be worth every penny you pay. I payed a little more than I usually do when I see movies simply because my options were limited, but I have no regrets. My grade for The Fluffy Movie? Well, I don't really have a grading system for comedies routines. It gets an A or a 9/10. Whatever you want to say. Simply put, if you like Fluffy, you'll love this. Go see it. 

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