Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review

It's been over three years since we were graced with Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, the movie that was supposed to be the next Harry Potter. What happened turned out to be a disaster as it suffered the fate of Eragon a few years earlier. Eragon wasn't a bad movie if you've never read the book,  but if you did read and love the book then you realized that the movie was an abomination. Thus the second movie, Eldest, was never made. Same with Percy Jackson. Now I never actually read the Percy Jackson books so I didn't actually hate the movie. It was decently enjoyable, but I heard nothing but abomination out of the mouths of fans of the Percy Jackson books. It didn't do that well in the Box Office, so I assumed the second one was not going to happen. Well, three years later it has happened. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is now in theaters. Given that I somewhat enjoyed the first one, I decided to give the second one a shot. Oh my boy. It was not the most pleasant movie going experience I've had.

The story of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is one that I don't blame. In fact it made me want to actually read the books because I noticed that this is a series that had the potential to be great movies. I don't know how much time has lapsed since the first movie, but Percy is at the camp for Half Bloods (half human, half god) when the tree girl who is protecting the camp gets poisoned and thus the camp is put in danger. To save the tree and the camp, Percy must travel to the Sea of Monsters, located in the Bermuda Triangle, to obtain the golden fleece that will heal the tree girl. 

The huge problem with this movie for me was the flow of it. Getting through the movie was like running through a deep, muddy lake. It felt disconnected and slow. There wasn't a ton of anticipation and I can't really point to one character that did a stand out job. I mean, no one did a bad job, but it just felt like something was missing like they weren't fully invested in what they were doing or they just didn't have very good chemistry as a group. There also wasn't a ton of anticipation or emotion in this. What happened ended up being super predictable and when they were faced with major foes, they overcame them with very little effort. All this combined made it so it was really hard to get through and I will admit that there were several times where I was just so bored that I had a hard time staying awake.

Was there anything good in this movie? Well yes. Nathan Fillion was in the movie for like five or so minutes and his part was great! He gave a not so subtle nod to firefly in one of his lines and honestly that line was the best part of the movie. Also the score was decent. No, I'm not talking about the way out of place use of Fall Out Boy's "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark" towards the beginning, but the rest of the music is good, especially the song at the end credits. And the movie did give me the desire to eventually pick up the books and read them. But outside that, this really is a movie that I would recommend skipping. It's not worth your time. I give it a 5 out of 10. 

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