Saturday, January 11, 2014

Movies of 2014: The Good, the Bad, and the Maybe

The Good:
These are some of the movies that I am looking forward to this year

The Lego Movie- 2/7
I love Legos. All the Star Wars Lego stuff has been well received. So why not? Lots of great Lego characters. Lots of great voices. Creativity in this movie looks like it is through the roof.

The Monuments Men- 2/7
One of the most anticipated movies from the end of last year, postponed to this year. George Clooney and a whole host of talented actors look like they have a winner here.

Son of God- 2/28
I am not ashamed at advertising my faith in Christ. I'll always be interested in movies about Christ. The Bible miniseries this based has been well-received.

Need For Speed- 3/14
My all time favorite video game here. After hearing about this, I immediately said there needs to be fancy cars, over-the-top crashes, and awesome police chases. It appears that they have that and more.

Muppets Most Wanted- 3/21
The first made me laugh really hard. Muppet movies have rarely failed me in my life, so I'm all in.

Captain America: Winter Soldier- 4/4
You know I am a sucker for these Avenger movies. The first Captain America movie was the weakest of the Phase One, but this looks like it could be the best of Phase Two.

Heaven is for Real- 4/16
A movie based on a true story that judging by the trailers looks phenomenal. A young boy has a near death experience and says he visited heaven. Due to him knowing things that he shouldn't know, it's hard to doubt his experiences.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2- 5/2
Remaking Spider-Man so soon payed off huge dividends. Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spider-Man and Emma Stone is the perfect Superhero girlfriend. I'm excited about the direction of this franchise.

Godzilla- 5/16
Initially a question mark, but the trailers made me believe that they are going to do Godzilla right this time around.

How to Train Your Dragon 2- 6/13
Dreamworks is always hit and miss, but How To Train Your Dragon was a huge hit, so I'm optimistic about this sequel.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes- 7/11
Rise of the Planet of the Apes was one of the huge surprises from a couple years back. It was a Planet of the Apes movie that was done right. This sequel looks to build on that awesomeness.

Guardians of the Galaxy- 8/1
It's boom or bust for Marvel on this gamble. If you are not a huge comic book nerd, you will essentially know nothing about these characters in this movie, but if successful, could it be Marvel's version of Star Wars? It's in Marvel I trust right now. They've given me no reason to think otherwise.

The Giver- 8/15
If you haven't read this book, you need to. One of my all time favorite books. I don't always jump for joy when I hear about another book-to-movie adaption, but I did when I heard about this one.

Big Hero 6- 11/7
Disney is on quite the roll recently with their animated movies. With them owning Marvel, a teaming up of the studios makes perfect sense. This won't be in the same Avengers Universe, but I'm excited for Marvel's first theatrically released animated movie.

Interstellar- 11/7
I know very little about this movie outside of the fact that it's directed by Christopher Nolan. But that fact is enough to get me excited for this. Also, the teaser trailer was one of the best I've seen.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1- 11/21
Did Mockingjay need to be split into two movies? Well, yes. The book was rushed. Also, if they move away from solely following Katniss, there's actually a ton that goes on that definitely warrants two movies.

The Bad:
These are some movies that I am really nervous about

Vampire Academy- 2/14
Can we please be done with Vampire movies? They wore out their welcome several years ago. This Valentine's Day special just look awful.

300: Rise of an Empire- 3/7
Lots of unnecessary sequels this year. And apparently we didn't get enough gory violence mixed with naked women in the first 300, so we need to have a sequel to get even more.

Draft Day- 4/11
A fictional sports movie about a fictional Cleveland Browns general manager in a fictional draft day situation? What? Why? This looks like Trouble with the Curve all over again.

Transformers: Age of Extinction-  6/27
A fourth Transformers movie. Because the third made over $1 billion worldwide. Need I say more?

Planes: Fire and Rescue- 7/18
The first Planes movie didn't need to happen. No one really liked it. Why are we getting a sequel?

Sex Tape- 7/25
Talk about a movie with a weird and ridiculous premise. A couple decided to tape what they did on the night of their wedding. Why? And now they lost the tape? Oh please no.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- 8/8

Dolphin Tale 2- 9/19
I loved Dolphin Tale. It was a touching movie about a boy and a dolphin. But I don't understand why this sequel is happening. I have no idea what they can do with this.

Paranormal Activity 5- 10/24
What happens when you make a horror movie that costs $15,000 that ends up making $200 million worldwide? Five years later you have a sixth installment in this franchise. My biggest fear is that these movies will never stop.

Exodus- 12/12
I guess I'm not that opposed to Hollywood doing another Moses movie, even though we do have The Ten Commandments and The Prince of Egypt already. What I'm nervous about here is the director. Ridley Scott?

Night at the Museum 3- 12/25
Ok, the first Night at the Museum was a great movie. But did this really need to be a trilogy?

The Maybe:
These are some movies that I hope end up good, but I have a question or two about

Robocop- 2/12
Most Robocop fans are angry that they seem to be doing a watered-down version of their movie. I personally am glad they are trying something a bit different. I hate it when Hollywood makes the same movie twice.

Welcome to Yesterday- 2/28
I knew nothing about this movie until I saw the trailer for it in theaters. Now I think it could be a decent February sleeper movie like Chronicle a couple years back. It's a time travel movie. I like time travel.

Divergent- 3/21
Is this the next Hunger Games? There were several movies last year that thought that, too, and they all failed. What sets this aside from the likes of Beautiful Creatures, The Host, or Mortal Instruments?

Noah- 3/28
I was a pretty big critic of this movie all the way up until the trailer came out. From what I've been reading, this isn't your typical Noah movie. But I'm willing to give it a shot.

Transcendence- 4/18
Some people enjoy hating on Johnny Depp. I like the man. Yes, he's hit and miss at times, but when he's hit, he is amazing. Transcendence looks like a sci-fi movie that could be a hit for him. 

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return- 5/9
For some reason that I don't quite know, I've been following this movie for a long time. Yes, it was put into production long before Oz the Great and Powerful became an idea. It's just had a much longer journey to the big screen. With how much time I've invested in this, I hope it ends up good.

X-Men: Days of Future Past- 5/23
This is looking like the Avengers of the X-Men movies. I like the idea of combining the new and old X-Men casts into one movie. I just put it in this category because X-Men movies are always hit and miss for me. And my opinion usually ends up being opposite of everyone else's.

Maleficent- 5/30
Disney has started a new kick. Take all their old animated movies and turn them into live action movies. I commend them for always being so good at making money. I hope this movie works out.

Edge of Tomorrow- 6/6
Welcome to Yesterday and Edge of Tomorrow in one year? Yeah, ironic, I know. I enjoyed Tom Cruise in Oblivion last year, so I hope this is good. I just can't help but notice it looks like a sci-fi version of Groundhog's Day.

The Boxtrolls- 9/26
I have a ton of respect for the stop motion style of animation. Those movies take a lot of time and effort in making them. I know very little about this specific movie, but I hope it turns out as good as Paranorman did.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day- 10/10
Hearing about this movie made me laugh a bit. It's about the last book I would expect to be turned into a movie. The more I think about it, though, the more I am optimistic that it could actually turn out good.

Dumber and Dumber To- 11/14
Not to confuse this with the wannabee sequel Dumb and Dumberer, this is an actual sequel to the popular Dumb and Dumber, with the same returning cast and everything. It could work out a lot like the recent Anchorman 2 did.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again- 12/17
I enjoyed the first Hobbit, but wasn't blown away. I was entertained by the second Hobbit, but thought it wasn't nearly as good as the first. Yes, this trilogy could've been a lot better, but I'm optimistic that the final chapter could end up being the best of the three.

Annie- 12/19
I love the musical Annie. But did they need to do this again? And is this a politically correct version of Annie? I know they are trying to build off the success of Les Mis. I hope it works.

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