Tuesday, October 28, 2014

John Wick Review

An action/thriller starring Keanu Reeves coming out in the end of October that features the directorial debuts of Chad Stahelski and David Leitch who are both known mainly for their work as stunt coordinators? Sound like a recipe for failure? Yeah, I thought so, too. First off, Keanu Reeves hasn't really done anything interesting since The Matrix trilogy finished. And what he has been in hasn't been very good at all. And then you have directors who have no directing experience. I think this was going to be bad. In fact, at the beginning of the month, I said in my monthly preview that this was probably going to fail. I wasn't even planning on seeing it because it was going to be this nothing action movie that no one cared about or even saw. Boy that couldn't have been more wrong. And that my friends is a great reason why I see a lot of movies. Not only do I like reviewing all kinds of movies, but occasionally there comes a movie that completely catches me off guard by how awesome it is. And that's what happened here with John Wick.

So what is John Wick? Or rather, who is John Wick? Well, John Wick worked as a hitman. At that job, the people there referred to him as the Boogeyman. Not because he was the Boogeyman, but he's who they would call if they wanted to kill the Boogeyman. Well, John Wick retired from that job and tried to live a normal life. But you how it is for ex-hitmen. Bad things happened to John Wick that followed by more bad things happening. The latter bad things came in the hands of his ex-boss's son, who didn't know he had done those bad things to John Wick. After he did those bad things, the son went to a certain person for help and that certain person wouldn't help because he knew who he had done those things to. Well, that certain person soon got a call from boss man and when boss man asked why he hadn't helped, this certain person said that he didn't help the son because the son had done those certain things to John Wick. As an audience, at this point you are waiting for a big threat from boss man, but all you get is "Oh." That was awesome! Then boss man goes and lectures the heck out of his son. Son says he will fix this. Boss man is like, "You can't."

That's who John Wick is. I give you that intro so that you will have an idea of how awesome this movie paints John Wick as, although I tried to be as vague as possible as to not give away the whole first part of the movie. And not only does John Wick get painted as this awesome, but when he goes out to get revenge on his old work place, he's as awesome as they painted him as. The great thing about this movie is two-fold. First off, it knows what it is and it doesn't try to hide that. It's a full-out action movie. It tries to be nothing more or nothing less. And by goodness does it do a great job at doing what it sets out to be as this is one of the most entertaining action movies that I have seen in quite some time. That leads to the second reason why this movie is great. Keanu Reeves. If you are going to be an awesome action movie, the most important thing is your lead star. And by goodness does Keanu Reeves just knock this out of the park. Keanu hasn't been very good in quite some time and this has led him to receive all kinds of harsh criticism. But yeah, he's back. This is easily one of the best performances of his career. Dare I compare him to Jason Bourne. Sure the Bourne movies are a lot different than this movie, but the reason why I loved those movies so much is the same reason why I loved this movie so much. Jason Bourne was just so fun to watch and Matt Damon did such a good job that the movies were just plain out awesome. Same here. Keanu Reeves was just so fun to watch and Keanu Reeves did such a good job that John Wick was just plain out awesome.

I really can't find too many bad things to say about this movie. No, it's not super deep. No, it's not unpredictable. Sure, things seem to happen pretty smoothly. No, it's not going to win any awards. But like I said, this is an action movie. Its purpose is to simply be an awesome action movie. And in that it succeeds in a huge way. If you are expecting something more, than you are going into the wrong movie. If you don't like action movies, then this movie is probably not for you. But if you do like a good, solid action movie, then please check this movie out. It deserves all the attention that it is getting. And moreover it also deserves to be a full out franchise. I loved this movie. It entertained the heck out of me. Keanu Reeves pulled off one of the best performances of his career. Not only was he entertaining, but he also pulled off a great acting performance, which is something I was not expecting. I want more John Wick movies. It had a decent opening weekend, but in order for me to get more John Wick movies, it's going to need to hold well in order to earn enough money for a sequel. I can't make a huge difference by myself, but if I at least convince one or two more people to see this movie, then I've done my part. So please. Go see this movie. It deserves your money. My grade for John Wick is a 9/10.

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